This page documents problems and known errors with the volumes and documents.

Missing volumes

There are some gaps in the sequence of volumes. The cause of these gaps is unknown -- the Internet Archive may never have received them from Hastings, the digitization process might not have been finished, or the volumes may have been lost before the digitization project began. Given the care taken to ensure every volume was identified and downloaded for this project, it seems unlikely that any volume available on the Internet Archive as of early 2012 was missed, but it is always possible such volumes might be added later.

Volume naming practices

Most volumes have a four digit number, which appears to have been created by Hastings. However, there are some exceptions.

Some volumes have an added "x", which seems to have been added by the Internet Archive. When an "x" volume exists, there does not seem to be another volume with that same number, so it may be surmised that the "x" volumes are just re-scans of the actual Hastings volume. In other words, if there is a "0040x," then there is not a "0040."

There are also a small number of volumes with an "a" or "b" appended. In those cases, there is usually a regularly-numbered volume as well. The a/b volumes appear to be additional material or exhibits from the case(s) covered in the regularly-numbered volume. So if there is a "1122a," there is very likely a "1122."