Though the program that generated the document pages did its work with surprising accuracy, given the wide variations of the input, it is inevitable that some pages that should have been identified were missed, and others were selected that shouldn't have been. (The program itself was deliberately biased toward producing false positives.)

If you find a document that is not a title page, please report the volume and page number by commenting in this thread. If you look through a volume on your own and discover a document has not been correctly identified, please provide the volume name/number and a page number or link to the page.

This information can also be emailed if you would prefer not to post; please see the Contact page.

If you encounter a page that is full of OCR junk, please fix it! First, see the Editing Style guidelines for what to do, then click on the "Edit" link in the upper-left of the page. Your efforts will help make 9CHRIS better for everyone -- thank you.