Using 9CHRIS

It is helpful to remember that 9CHRIS is composed of the title pages to individual court documents, with some additional keyword information added. For more details, see About the Documents.


Most users will head directly for the "Search" box in the upper-right part of every page. This will search the content of the document title pages, including the auto-generated keywords and any comments left by other 9CHRIS users. Any promising-looking documents can then be viewed directly by clicking the link, which takes you to that document/volume as hosted by the Internet Archive. The Search function behaves as you might expect, but users can also conduct an advanced search.


You can also browse the document title pages, by selecting a particular volume from the list of volumes.

This might be handy if you find a string of related documents.


As you may see, the document title pages are full of OCR cruft. Please fix these if you can! You need to log in with an OpenID login of some sort before editing, but you will be prompted for this automatically if necessary. (These logins are not stored by 9CHRIS in any way.)

Please follow the guidelines for editing in the Editing Style Guide, so that the cleaned-up pages are consistent.

At the bottom of each document title page is a space to provide notes, or you can use the Discussion page.