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Statement of the Nature of the Cases 1 - 4

The Facts of the Cases as Shown by the Record 4-10

Statement of the Points Relied Upon 10-11

Discussion of the First Point, that the Issuance of the

Subpoena Duces Tecum Was Unauthorized 11-27

Discussion of the Second Point, that the Subpoena did

Not State that Any Cause or Proceeding Was Pending

Before the Grand Jury 27-53

Discussion of the Third Point, that No Charge or Pro-

ceeding, Formal or Informal, of Any Character, Par-

ticularly that Referred to in the Presentment of the

Grand Jury, Was Then Pending Before that Body ... 27-53

Discussion of the Fourth Point, that the Subpoena Duces

Tecum Constituted an Unreasonable Search and

Seizure '53-67

Discussion of the Fifth and Last Point, that the Record

Fails to Show that the Papers and Records Demanded

by the Government Were Material or Relevant to

the Matter in Which they Were Sought 67-76

Comparison of These Cases With the Wilson Case 76-81

Conclusion 81-83

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