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No. 2541

Winitth ^tatt^

Circuit Court of ^ppeate

jFor tte Bintfj Circuit

    1. Sarin,



Blake, M(^Fall Co., a Corporation,

Knight Packing Co., a Corporation,

Hazel WOOD Co., a Corporation, and

Wm. H. Dryer and W. W. Bollam,

Partners Trading as Dryer, Bollam & Co.,


In the Matter of Equal Rights Company, Inc.,

Alleged Bankrupt.

Brief of Respondents

Petition for Revision of a certain order of the

United States District Court for the District

of Oregon.

Sidney Teiser, Attorney for Petitioner.

Seitz & Clark and Barge E. Leonard,

Attorneys for Respondents.



FEB 8 - 915

    1. MoncktoHl,

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