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counsel as error and asked that the jury be

instructed to disregard them, whereupon the

following occurred :

MR. AINSWORTH : '' ^He says we hav-

en't made out a case.' '^

'THE COURT: '^ ^Objection is sus-

tained/ ''

'MR. AINSWORTH : '' 1 know, but he


9 9}

'MR. CRAIG: '' 'I ask the jury to be in-

structed to disregard that.' ''

'MR. AINSWORTH: '"He has made a

motion to direct this verdict that there is

no evidence to go to this jury.' "

'THE COURT : " 'Judge, you didn't say

that. You said that he had argued that you

hadn't made a case and the court said that

you had.' "

'MR. AINSWORTH : " 'We have suffi-

cient evidence to sustain a verdict.' "

'MR. CRAIG: "'I am not arguing a

question of law to the jury, if the court

please. I ask you please refrain from

that.' "

'The Court instructed the jury to disre-

gard the remark of Mr. Ainsworth to which

defendant's counsel had objected.'

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