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No. 6390

United States

Circuit Court of Appeals

For the Ninth Circuit /

In the Matter of the Petition of the Canadian Pacific

Railway Company, a corporation of the Dominion

of Canada, owner of the Steamship "Princess Sophia,"

for Limitation of Liability.

L M. Brace, Administratrix of the Estate of James

Allmark, Deceased, et al,



Canadian Pacific Railway Company, a corporation,

and American Surety Company of New York, a

corporation, its Stipulator for Costs,



Lawrence Bogle,^

Cassius E. Gates,

Bogle, Bogle & Gates,

Proctors for Appellee.

Office and Post Office Address:

609-24 Central Building, Seattle, Washington.

Farwett Lithograph (r Priating Co.


FEB 2 9 19-,v

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