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No. 9146.

3n Itf^ aimteh tatea ^^

dtrrmt Olourt of Appeals

Jar tljp 5inti Qltrrutt

Hubert F. Laugharn, as Trustee in Bankruptcy of Jack

Dave Sterling, Bankrupt,



Nat Rogan, Collector of Internal Revenue of the United

States of America,



Sewall Key,

Acting Assistant Attorney General.

  1. Louis Monarch,

  2. Dee Hanson,

Special Assistants to the Attorney General.

Ben Harrison,

    1. Postoffice and Court House Bldg.,

Los Angeles, California,

United States Attorney.

    1. Mitchell,

Assistant United States Attorney.

Eugene Harpole,

Special Assistant to the United States Attorney.

KTii Fr

Parker & Baird Company, Law Printers, Los Angeles.

JUL. S1 1939

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