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No. 12,438


United States Court of Appeals

For the Ninth Circuit


Crocker First National Bank of San

Francisco, Executor of the Last

Will and Testament of Sanford

Plummer, Deceased; Crocker First

National Bank of San Francisco,

Executor of the Last Will and Tes-

tament of Caroline Alice Plummer,

Deceased, as an individual and dis-

tributee; Crocker First National

Bank of San Francisco, as trustee

and distributee of the Estate of San-

ford Plummer, Deceased,

Appellant J


United States of America,


On Appeal from the United States District Court

for the Northern District of California.


Theron Lamar Caudle,

Assistant Attorney General,

Ellis N. Slack,

Lee a. Jackson,

r ILEO Melva M. Graney,

Special Assistants to the Attorney General,

IVIAK 2 C '^^^ Frank J. Hennessy,

United States Attorney,

PAUL Pf CBBIENiN,^- ^^^^^^ Collett,

  • aiii gm py jssistaDt United States Attorney,

Attorneys for the United States.

Phenac-Walsh Pbinting Co., San Fbanoisco

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