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date, lor taIuc reeeiTed, the ondeMigned corporation

promiM to p7 to the order of THE FUtST NATIONAL BANK of Portland. t

ffie^ the nm

witk iatarest tkanea at the rate of

t per annnm, fro

^until paid,

iBtenat T^ ri"' atmritr , and if not eo paid, the whole nuB of both principal and intereet

Thii at the option of the holder hereof, beeome immediately due and payable, witbont notice. In caae

nit or aetioa is inatitnted to eolUet thia note or any portion thereof, the ondertigned corporation prom-

toea to pa/ iMh a4il Mi.i nm as the oowt may adjudge reaaonable la attomey't feee in aaid toit or


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