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No. 14949

WLnitzb States

Court of Appeals

for tfje Jintfj ivmit

WILLIAM H. MARTIN, doing business as Mar-

tin's Auto Trimming, Inc., on behalf of itself

and others similarly situated, Appellant,


    1. COLEMAN ANDREWS, as the duly ap-

pointed and acting Collector of the Internal

Revenue Service of the United States, and

ROBERT A. RIDDELL, as Director of the In-

ternal Revenue Service for the Southern Dis-

trict of California, Appellees.

{Erattgcrtpt of 3Ucorb

Appeal from the United States District Court for the Southern

District of California, Central Division


% hM .- ';

r/iAR Zi) 1956


Phillips & Van Orden Co., 870 Brannan Street, San Francisco, Calif. -3-7-56

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