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Inttei &tate0 OInurt of Appeals

For the Ninth Circuit

No. 15,057

Moist Cold Refrigerator Co., Inc., a corporation,



Admiral Corporation, a corporation, and

Amana Refrigeration, Inc., a corporation,



BucKHORN, Cheatham & Blore

Orme E. Cheatham

703 Board of Trade Building

Portland, Oregon

Of Counsel: Attorneys for Appellant

John B. Cuningham,

OF Davis, Hoxie & Faithfull

  1. Roland Berner

Aaron Lewittes _,^ I w^ -^

30 Broad Street P 1 L. CL L

New York 4, New York

Hugh L. Biggs OC' -^ 1 1956

Yeon Building

Portland, Oregon p^^^ p^ O'BRIEN. CLEfJK

September 1956

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