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No. 16102

United States Court of Appeals

For the Niaitli Circait

International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauf-

feurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America,

Local No. 839, and International Union of

Operating Engineers, Local No. 370,



Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc., a Corporation,


Appeal from the United States District Court for

THE Eastern District of Washington

Southern Division


Bassett, Davies & Egberts

Stephen V. Carey

Attorneys for Appellant,

Teamsters Union Local 839

811 Alaska Building,

Seattle 4, Washington.

  1. Max Etter

Attorney for Appellant,

International tlnion of

Operating Engineers Local No, 370

Spokane and Eastern Building,

Spokane, Washington.

The Arqub Prcss, Seattle

'f I i_ i^ 1-'

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