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To this additional basis for the inference

of malice should be added the considered wisdom

of the ages that wives in general regard with

hatred, jealousy and even vindictiveness the con-

jectural concubines of their husbands.

In the face of all this we have only the

self serving declaration of appellee herself*

"I bear no malice against these people, not any


It is an aphorism of Western Civilization

that character is revealed by deeds, not words.

"By their fruits ye shall know them M has

until now been considered the summit of wisdom

in judging human conduct but this jury in its ver

diet did its mite to reverse the Sermon on the

Mount and bring us a new commandment "Ye shall

henceforth judge men by their words and not by

their deeds".

In re: Probable Cause

On this subject the burden was on the

appellee to show by a fair preponderance of the

available evidence that a reasonable person

actuated by no malice would be justified from the

Blanche Lampert Statement (Exhibit 8) alone in

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