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FEB 141367

No. 20442

United States Court of Appeals

For the Nintli Circuit

Anthony G. Notakas, Appellant,


    1. Eamox and Jaxe Doe Eamox. his wife : Aethiti

Droyetto and Jaxe Doe Deoyetto, his wife ; Doxald F.

Haxsox and Jaxe Doe Haxsox, his wife : and Doxald

KoBLE and Jaxe Doe Koble. his wife, and the respective

marital communities formed by each married defendant,


Appeal from the Uxited States District Covet for

the Westerx District of TVashixgtox,

Northerx Divisiox


    1. NEWBorLD

Corporation Coimsel

Charles E. Nelson


Attorneys forpliees,^ -^

tOth Floor, Seattle Mimicipal Building

Seattle, Washington 9810i Qq ig IQfit;

THE ARGUS Press, nrttfTiito Seattle, washinbtqn

FRANK H. SCHfvllD, Clerk

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