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No. 7751

(Hmmt OInurt of Ajrpala

Sperry Flour Company, a corporation,


Coastwise Steamship and Barge Company, Inc., a

corporation, claimant of The American Steamer,

"James Griffiths," her engines, boilers, tackle, and

furniture, James Griffiths & Sons Company, a cor-

poration, McCormick Steamship Company, a cor-

poration, Appellees.


F* f L E O Lawrence Bogle,

Edward G. Dobrin,

Bogle, Bogle & Gates,

' - 609-24 Central Building,

Seattle, Washington,

PAUL f, WfcihlEN, Proctors for Appellees.

i?**' ?


Farwest Lithograph & Printing Co., Seattle

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