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No. 7751

United States

Circuit Court of Appeals

For the Ninth Circuit J

Sperry Flour Company, a corporation,



The American Steamer, ''James Grif-

fiths'', lier engines, boilers, tackle and

furniture; Coastwise Steamship and

Barge Company, Inc., a corporation;

James Griffiths & Sons Company, a

corporation ; McCormick Steamship

Company, a corporation,


Petition for Rehearing on Behalf of Appellant.


Lloyd M. Tweedt,

Derby, Sharp, Quinby & Tweedt,

1000 Merchants Exchange Building,

San Francisco, California.


2001 Smith Tower,

Seattle, Washington.

Proctors for Appellant and Petitioner.

Parker Printing Company, 54S Sansom* Street, San Francisco.

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