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No. 8008


United States Circuit Court of Appeals

For the Ninth Circuit ^X

United States of America,



John Ii Estate, Ltd. (an Hawaiian corpo-

ration), Mrs. Emaltana J. Kamalanui,

James Panax Oneha, Jr., Eijzabeth

Miner, Nancy Fuentes, James P.

Oneha, Trustee, James Panai Like

Oneha, SAitiuEL P. Oneha, Harry

Oneha and Katwi Oneha, and Mrs. Abi-

gail AuLANi Pratt,


On Appeal from the District Court of the United States

for the Territory of Hawaii.


Ingram M. Stainback,

United States Attorney,

District of Hawaii,

  1. Frank McLaughlin,

Special Assistant United States Attorney,

District of Hawaii,

Jean Vaughan,

Assistant United States Attorney,

g =* """ '"% District of Hawaii,

^ ^^'^ '^ "^^ H. H. McPiKE,

United States Attorney,

I .-; 1 San Francisco, California,

Attorneys for Appellant.

Pbbnatj-Wai.sh Printing Co., San Francisco

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