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xxxvi H. Harry Meyers vs.

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Certificate of Clerk to Transcript of Record

on Appeal 96

Designation of Additional Record on Appeal,

Appellee's (CCA) 1460

Docket Entries :

2/14/39 Record of Commencement of

First Trial 70

8/21/39 Record of Return of Verdict ... 70

8/29/39 Record of Notice of Appeal ... 70

10/27/41 Record of Entry of Mandate. . 71

10/5/42 Record of Commencement of

Re-Trial of Defendant Meyers 71

Indictment 2

Judgment and Sentence of Defendant H.

., Harry Meyers ........ 80

Minute Record :

2/13/39 Arraignment and Plea of De-

fendant H. Harry Meyers 69

11/21/42 Motion for New Trial 79

10/4/43 Re Settlement of Bill of Excep-

tions and Transmittal of Exhibits 93

Motion for New Trial 72

Names and Addresses of Attorneys of Record 1

Notice of Appeal of Defendant H. Harry

Meyers 82

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