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No. 11,638


United States Circuit Court of Appeals

For the Ninth Circuit

. - ' .. # li , -v

Local 36 of the International Fisher-

men AND Allied Workers of America,

Jeff Kibre, Gilbert Zafran, CLirroRD

  1. Kennison, F. R. Smith, George

Knowlton, Otis W. Sawyer, W. B. Mc-

CoMAs, Harry A. McKittrick, Arthur

  1. Hill, C. Lloyd Munson, Charles

McLauchlan, Robert M. Phelps, Burt

  1. Lackyard, and Ray J. Morkowski,



United States of America,



Gladstein, Andersen, Resner & Sawyer,

Gallagher, Margolis, McTernan & Tyre,

Kenny & Cohn, FiIL i^ ^

Ben Margolis,

Robert W. Kenny, MAY 1 8 jgg

George R. Andersen,

240 Montgomery Street, San F^^iJ4pf O'BRIEN

Attorneys for Appellants^ ^--^^ dLim

PaBNAu-WALSB Feinting Co.,

San Fbanoiboo

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