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The Court below held the motion of appellant made

imder Rule 60(b) of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

to be groundless for the reason that it did not allege

that the order denying vacation of the judgment was

taken against him through his mistake, inadvertence,

surprise or excusable neglect. Furthermore, the appel-

lant makes no other allegations to bring his motion

within the requirements of the rule. In reliance then

on the rule itself, and without the citation of further

authority, because appellee believes, as the Court below

apparently did, that none is required, it is herein as-

serted that appellant is not entitled to the relief for

which he prays.


In view of the foregoing, it is respectfully submitted

that the order of the Court below is correct and should

be affirmed.

Dated, San Francisco, California,

November 14, 1952.

Chauncey Tramutolo,

United States Attorney,

Joseph Karesh,

Assistant United States Attorney,

Attorneys for Appellee.

(Appendix Follows.)

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